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We are delivering FES-free (Fraud, Embezzlement and Scam) services to save the Event Industry from these fraud vendors/ suppliers/ clients for its overall growth. We understand how much effort is put to setup for an event, we are here to advise you to make sure that you are investing your time, money and devotion to the right place.

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TheNotPaid loves events, is passionate about them and motivated to deliver them fraud-free. Our passion and dedication, combined with the experience of our specialists allow us to be the voice of those vendors/ suppliers/ clients who were served injustice.

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Event Industry is glittery from outside but messy within. We aim to clean those obstacles from the industry. In this industry, there are many people who are cheating on others by their fraudulent activities in the form of backing-off on the day of event, delay/ no payment or not delivering what promised earlier. Such activities are highlighted by us to let other professionals be cautious.

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So before booking any vendor/ supplier, visit the listed Fraudsters on our website, and save you from them! If you have faced any such issue of FES at your event by any Vendor/ supplier/ client, fill the form details and upload the solid proofs (justify yourself). We pride ourselves on delivering justice to you. Get in touch now to know how we can help your more.
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